“MESSAGEs: MEdia-Server and Support for Advanced Gaming Environments RElaTed Applications,” ORF - Research Excellence Fund 3 grant, 2009-2015, (P.I: E.M. Petriu, A. Boukerche, A. El Saddik, D. Ionescu, C. Joslin, W. Lee, S. Shirmohammadi, J. Zhao);

The project aims to enhance the experience of real-time interactive digital media-rich applications in resource-constrained environments involving a large number of fixed and mobile gaming platforms. The research employs a broad approach to adapt the delivery of content and services through deep understanding of all aspects of the production and transmission of digital media (audio-video and haptics) in gaming applications, including novel balancing between creative and technical constraints. By engaging a full spectrum of the creative community from digital media to software and hardware designers together with private sector partners, the project will result in new products and services that could be commercialized on practical communication and computing platforms.


Industry Partners

Industry Partners