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Lab director Prof. Shirmohammadi gave a series of interviews about Applied AI in multimedia systems and network measurements:
Network Monitoring, The Register, August 22 2018.
Applying AI to Network Analytics, Network Computing, August 2 2018.
How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Health Wearables, IEEE Transmitter, July 11 2018.
Chatbots and Games: The New Diagnostic Tools, IEEE Transmitter, July 6 2018.


DISCOVER Lab professors Shirmohammadi and Al Osman have received a $546,800 NSERC Strategic grant titled "HiPer Clouding: High Performance Cloud Gaming" to work with Ubique Networks to study and develop new Software Defined Networking (SDN) systems specifically for Cloud Gaming applications, making possible the delivery of satisfactory QoE, real-time and bandwidth-intensive cloud games over future communication networks.


Lab Director Prof. Shirmohammadi gave an invited talk on "Cloud Gaming: Improving Quality of Experience with Adaptation and SDN" at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Link here.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners