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Lab Director Prof. Shirmohammadi has received an NSERC Engage grant to work with Pleora Technologies and in collaboration with Prof. Robert Laganiere on a research project to study the feasibility of using machine learning to create panoramic videos from uncalibrated cameras that are dynamically added to a multi-camera systems.


Lab Director Prof. Shirmohammadi has received a $240,000 MITACS Cluster grant to collaborate with Ciena Corp on a research project to use machine learning for identifying poor-quality video experiences in OTT systems and determine the root cause of significant video delivery problems.

See announcement here.


Lab director Prof. Shirmohammadi gave a series of interviews about Applied AI in multimedia systems and network measurements:
Network Monitoring, The Register, August 22 2018.
Applying AI to Network Analytics, Network Computing, August 2 2018.
How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Health Wearables, IEEE Transmitter, July 11 2018.
Chatbots and Games: The New Diagnostic Tools, IEEE Transmitter, July 6 2018.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners